Darfur ruined house

LIBG Forum hears of Sudan referendum fears

Rebecca Tinsley, founder of Waging Peace, which works with survivors of war, genocide and rape in central Africa, spoke to an LIBG forum on the impending referendum that could see southern Sudan secede as a separate country.

11 Dec 2010
Outgoing LIBG president Malcolm Bruce MP (left) and his successor Simon Hughes MP at the LIBG agm

LIBG opposes Trident like-for-like replacement

Following a powerful speech from its newly elected President, Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes, the 2010 annual general meeting of the British Group of the Liberal International unanimously called on the government to rule out the like-for-like replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system.

4 Sep 2010

How overseas liberals saw the UK general election

The recent Lib Dem campaign successes, and the way 'Cleggmania' hit the UK after the first party leaders' television debate, was not lost on the foreign press nor on our sister parties in Europe and the Commonwealth.

10 Jul 2010